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About the Research Journal

Panjab University Research Journal (Social Sciences) is being published (Tri-annually) by the Panjab University since 1976 and is exclusively devoted to publication of original papers of high standard in the various disciplines of the social sciences. One of the objectives of Panjab University is to encourage exchange of ideas with scholars in other parts of the country and beyond the horizon of the national borders with a view to stimulate theoretical discussions on issues of contemporary social and political significance. Through this journal the University seeks to inculcate critical interpretative dialogue across the national and international boundaries. Therefore, all such contributions from scholars in fields covered under the discipline of social sciences dealing with specific issues of social sciences are welcome. Critical comments on the papers published, as well as, divergent interpretations on issues covered are subsumed in our columns entitled 'Symposium' and 'Discussions'. Reviews are also invited from the scholars on books pertaining to social sciences disciplines. Each issue carries about 140-160 pages.
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