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Manuscripts for the consideration of the journal should be typed in double space, preferably on quarto sheets with sufficient margins. The hard copies should be submitted in duplicate, with a 3.5" floppy in MS WORD 97 (MS-Windows 98) to the Chief Editor, Research Journal Social Sciences, Department of Sociology, Arts Block 4, Panjab University, Chandigarh-160014. Cyclostyled material or manuscripts in carbon copy will not be entertained.

Manuscripts should in general, be of 3000-5000 words, though articles outside these limits can be acceptable if there is some sound convincing reason for their exceptional length or brevity. Contribution in two parts may be accepted provided, of course, each part is independently intelligible.

Manuscripts should follow the Journal's current format: (a) consecutively numbered footnotes should be given at the end of the articles and (b) authors and texts should be cited in the following manner:


Willets, P. 1978. The Non-Aligned Movement - Origins of Third World Alliance. Bombay: Popular Prakashan.


Tinker, H. 1967. 'Is there an Indian Nation?" in Mason, Philip (ed): India and Ceylon. London: Macmillan Press. pp- Boggett, D. 1979. 'Democratic Kampuchea and Human Rights', Economic and Political Weekly, 5 May, pp-

Critical comments on articles in the Journal and additional thoughts on them will be considered for early publication, especially if they do not exceed 1,000 words. Submitted article must be accompanied, by (a) 300 word abstract, (b) a declaration that it has not been previously published nor is being considered for publication elsewhere, and (c) a brief biographical sketch of the author giving current/recent institutional affiliation, major publications and present research interests.

Since submitted manuscripts in the case of contributed papers to the journal are subjected to evaluation by referees to whom the identity of the author(s) is not revealed, the author's name and affiliation should appear only at separate covering page.

Manuscripts not accepted for publication will not be returned to the author(s). Please keep copies for your own record.
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